Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flashback Friday -on Saturday

I've seen a few blogs participate in a Flashback Friday segment. I can't promise I will do this every Friday, after all this is my first time and I'm already doing it on Saturday! Either way, if I come across something interesting and I remember to do it I think it will be fun to have the occasional blog about past events.

Today, I was getting ready to post on SewFlakes blog, and I came across these two pictures on the camera.  These were taken when Josh and I moved in the apartment in February. It was pretty interesting to say the least. He had to work during the move, and we moved during the worst snow storm I've ever seen in Oklahoma. (We had 12"+ of snow on the ground.)

Our first load was kind of small, but we were able to get it everything in just a few trips, which is a nice part of starting out.

We both were excited to open our new kitchenwares, but I called dibs on the Cuisinart cookware Josh gave me for Christmas. So here is Josh opening up our knife set. After two months we still haven't used all the knifes, I mean really, is it necessary to have so many different kinds. (Steak knifes, a bread knife, paring knife, and the big knife I use for potatoes -thats all I think are necessary at this point.)

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