Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Cooking

In the realm of the kitchen I've made a couple new dishes.

The first one was completely new to me because I've never cooked tilapia before. It was so easy. I just put this garlic lemon spice baked it until until the fish was nice and flaky. The squash was really interesting with that lemon combination on it, in a good way of course!

The second new to me recipe was the Chicken Parmesan from the Betty Crocker cook book. It was super easy to make. I was missing a couple key ingredients; the tomato sauce and the "proper" pasta. No sweat though, just make due with what you have so I used pizza sauce and lasagna pasta broken up into pieces. It was really good, and it only took about 35 minutes including prep time. I did learn that I should probably start cooking 3 or 4 chicken breast instead of just 2 because Josh ate his and half of mine.

I'm going to add these two new entrees to our menu list for sure, and now I'm even more inspired to use my cookbook. Do you have a favorite recipe or cookbook?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Striped Strips!

New Fabric? Um yes! The two print fabrics are Alexander Henry, and the solid is a Free Spirit piece. Aren't they delicious? In case you haven't had the chance to see the Free Spirit solid colors yourself let me tell you that they are absolutely wonderful. They are a great quality, an affordable price, and they come in the most interesting colors. It is kind of difficult to explain the colors that are available. Of course they are normal colors like pink, green, blue, etc. its just the hues are slightly "off" compared to the average solids so they are really fun and original.

Anyway, I was making a baby blanket sample that required 2 different yards of fabric and then about 3 yards in different sized trims. Instead of going through the hassle of picking out different ribbons I decided to use the Alexander Henry stripe fabric and just cut it up into different sizes (folding the raw edges to the underneath inside).

I really like how it turned out. I think it was a lot easier, less time consuming, and it worked just as well because the stripes are different enough.

There is a baby bag that goes with this, but I still don't have a good picture of it. I will post it along with pattern information as soon as I have it all put together at SewFlakes. The pattern is super easy, cute, and all together it only took about 2 hours to make, and about an hour to run to the store, 10 minutes away, to get what I forgot. *laughs*

Friday, July 1, 2011


I've finally decided on a name for Broken Arrow's Main Street craft fair on October 22nd. We will call it the B.A.zaar!!

I'm pretty excited about it. The vendor applications have been sent to those who attended the craft party on June 10th (that I have email addresses for), and some other local Etsy shop owners who also expressed interest. If you are interested in booth space during the craft fair please let me know by emailing talesofanewhousewife (at) gmail (dot) com. Right now booth spaces will be $35-$45 depending on the placement, but the prices will go up after July 31st.

I'm also very excited that Renee with GreenerMe is designing the graphic/logo for the event! She is a local artist, and she has done the logos for Make Tulsa and IndieEmporium. How cool is that?!

The goal is to have a flyer finished and ready for PDF and paper distribution by the beginning of next week. Also I will be publicly announcing the B.A.zaar as an event on Facebook so we can all start inviting our friends to vend and/or shop at the event.

Also, if anyone knows of any non-profit crafting groups/organizations that might want to be present during the fair please contact me because I'm hoping to have spaces reserved for community groups.