Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gingher Had to Go

Now that I've posted about the Etsy Craft Party (under this post), I am able to post about Gingher.

Monday, after getting back from Salt Lake City, Josh and I spent the day getting our birthday present - a Wii with a few new games.  While we were out and about we decided to stop by the pet store to get some water conditioner for Gingher because of the chlorine. One thing led to another and a $9 bottle of conditioner turned into a $300 purchase including a new aquarium with stand, rocks, filter, and everything else the most spoiled turtle in the world could ever want!

We were so excited and talked about it all the way home, and it was quite a trek because we were on the opposite side of the city at the time.  By the time we arrived home we had decided where we would put the tank, and that we were going to order a friend for Gingher, to be named "Fisker" of course!  After Josh wrestled the bottom half of the aquarium out of the back seat and carried it up to the apartment I found a note on the door.  This was not a good note!

The note said that we owed our apartment complex $50 for breaking the no pet agreement in our lease, and we would owe $10 every day after up to 14 days upon which we would be evicted if we didn't comply.  Oh boy was I upset.  We went down to talk to management. We asked if we paid a pet deposit if we would be able to keep Gingher and they said that even if we lived in a pet building we wouldn't be allowed to have a turtle.  Really? Because a turtle is going to ruin the carpet? Keep the neighbors awake with noise? Scratch up the walls? Are you kidding me?

Either way, we had to face it, we weren't going to be able to keep Gingher. So we loaded the aquarium back up. Packed up Gingher with his food, and we took him over this Josh's parents.  They have a fountain in their back yard that should be a good place for a turtle. The sad news is that no one has seen him in the week since he has lived there.  I really hope that it is because he was about to get free and not because he was eaten.  On the bright side we were able to return all the aquarium stuff, put the money back in savings, and not drive back across the city to do it.

So that is the story of Gingher. I do miss him a little even though we only had him a week.  I'll be happy when we live in a place where we can have a turtle with no worries. It will be awesome.

P.S. The apartment manager did waive the fee after coming in and searching every room and closet in our apartment to make sure we complied.

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