Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unicorn, Butterfly, Rainbows, and Other Girl Stuff Party!

My niece, Kendall, spent the night with me for the first time since she was a baby. It was so much fun because she has her own little personality developing which is great to experience and observe.

The evening got off to a bad start thanks to a migraine and me loosing my dinner. I thought I was going to have my mom come pick her back up, but Kendall was really upset by that idea that I had to fake feeling better because I couldn't stand to see her so sad. Thankfully, Josh drove on the way back home from picking him up so I could rest for a few minutes which helped relieve the pain.

Kendall holding my Big Bird waiting nicely for me to get better. She also had to wait for her food to settle before we went swimming.

We picked Uncle Josh up from work, and saw some big airplanes. Then we all colored and played pictionary.

This morning she woke up early enough to make Princess cupcakes.

It took a few tries to get the hang of sprinkling versus pouring. Thankfully, we had enough going on that she forgot about the cupcakes because after test tasting the frosting I'm confident that they were going to be nasty, plus she dropped half and egg shell in the mix. I think we picked all the bits out, but there is no telling.

Then thanks to some Groupons we went with my first cousin Trisha and her friend to the Fun House at the Riverwalk in Jenks. Kendall loves Ski Ball which was awesome for me because it is my favorite as well. She ended up getting lots of toys with her tickets and was quite happy. By the time I took her home I'm sure she was ready for a nap so it was a good weekend.

The next time I hang out with her, next month, I'll be taking her to Build-a-Bear for her birthday trip. We go every year, sometimes twice. The goal is that she will have 18+ bears by 2024. I wonder if she will keep going with me when she is a teenager?

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