Monday, April 18, 2011

Coupon Binder

I've started and organized my coupon binder as far as I could this weekend, and I'm pretty pleased with it. So pleased, that I'm going to ignore reality and pretend that anyone reading this is interested in seeing a detailed tour of it. *smiles*

On the left side, I have saved all of the receipts from the grocery purchases this week. My total was $114 spent on at least 2 weeks worth of groceries.  This is pretty exciting to me because that is $6 under my weekly budget! (So, twice the groceries for a few dollars less than I normally spend equals success!) On the right, is my notebook for lists, coupon match-ups, etc.

This page has the coupons I'll use on the current trip at the top.  The coupons that I won't use or am ready to swap in the left pocket, and then the coupons that recently expired and are ready to be sent to a military base on the right-hand side.

Weekly sale ads, oh, and more coupons that I picked up at the store, that need to be clipped and sorted.

I have the sections separated with dividers.

Long food coupons.

I've put a color tab maker on the pockets that contain coupons that cannot be doubled. (In this case, the coupon I received for pineapples at Reasors.)

Short food coupons.

The coupons on each page are organized from most currently expiring coupon to the coupon that expires the latest. It is kind of a hassle to rearrange each time I have a new coupon, but I figure it is worth knowing.


I'm pretty sure that "condiments" is going to be my first sub-category under food.

More labels


Health and beauty


Extra dividers and page protectors.

I'm going to need a bigger binder soon. I started with a 1/2" ring binder and the pages are already having trouble turning due to the amount of content. *smiles*

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  1. Wow, I am impressed. I never did my coupons that way and it seems like an excellent way to be organized. RO of Broken Arrow