Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The soup low-down

(Mind you, my iPhone doesn't always take the best pictures, especially at night.)

Tonight Josh's parents came over for dinner. It seems to be a running trend that whenever we eat with them I experiment with cooking. So far they have eaten a dry loaf of zucchini bread, a runny lasagna, a crunchy blackberry pie, a weird key lime pie, and probably a few other things I can't recall right now.  Each time they are super gracious about it, and his mom helps fix things (like the flour in the pie filling fiasco) or she lets me know what to do the next time, if needed.

Anyway, tonight I made matza ball soup for the first time.  I hadn't originally expected the matza balls to be perfect, in fact I sort of expected them to fail. So my back-up plan in case the balls went crazy was to cook chicken in the soup broth so that at the very least we could have chicken soup. However, I got lucky and everything turned out just fine so we happened to have the regular matza ball soup with extras in it. 

There is almost enough for another meal, but because it is running kind of low on chicken I'm going to add vegetables to it. We still have bread left over from tonight so its a bonus - I don't need to really cook tomorrow. Which is good because I really need to work on an apron for my grandma. (I'm having a really hard time getting started on it because she picked out what I consider to be a hideous fabric, but I'm starting to feel guilty about not getting it done. -- Nothing like good old fashion guilt as the perfect motivation for completing a project. *note sarcastic tone*)

Matza ball soup mix: $2.something so we'll say $3
Chicken: $4
Rhoades Rolls: Free
Salad: $3(after adding in extras)
(I'm not going to count dressings or butter)
Rough estimate that this dinner cost about $10
It serves at least 6 = $1.66 a serving
However tomorrow I will add about $1 worth of frozen vegetables so it will go even further and cost less.
This is definitely an inexpensive and healthy meal.

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