Monday, April 25, 2011

Denyse Schmidt at Joanns

It took me a while to decide if I was going to purchase the line of fabric that Denyse Schmidt made exclusively for Joanns. I love Denyse Schmidt, however, I think that is was a bit of a sellout point. (Understand that I'm also partial because I work in a fabric shop, and favor keeping my job for a while.)   Either way, I gave in once I saw the fabric in person. My picture, as always, doesn't do it justice because it's so dark.  I bought 6" of three pieces just to play with, and then I bought 2 yards of this piece to make a shirt.

I've tried making a couple clothing pieces in the past, but I never loved them. I'm hoping I can make a shirt out of this fabric that I'll honestly look forward to wearing. To put the best foot forward I picked out this easy pattern to get started with.  I figured if I could make it well with sleeves then later this summer I'll adjust it a bit to have short sleeves.

In other news, I finally finished by grandma's apron. It only took a couple hours, but it was a long couple hours because I really hated the fabric.  I also picked out nearly all of the floss colors for the crib-quilt. Once I got it all home I decided that I would really like to start working on it so I basted it, hooped it, and started the quilting process. I figured that I could easily stitch on the inside and outside of each box for starters and the go back later to add cute pictures in each square.

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