Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Addition

I've been busy with the newest addition to our family the last few days, hence my lack in blogging.  Everyone I would like to introduce you to Gingher! He is our Red Eared Slider turtle!

Doesn't he look pretty sharp? hehehe (People who sew will get the joke. Others may have to look up "Gingher".)

Josh found him on a ramp at the airport. He sent me a video, and I loved Gingher from the moment I saw him trying to escape the fruit cup Josh was keeping him in at the time.  Wednesday was kind of hard for Gingher because we didn't have a home or food for him at the time, but Thursday I visited the pet store and picked up everything the little guy needed.

We weren't sure we would be able to keep him at first. However, he adjusted to his new habitat quickly, and started eating his pellet food so he can stay!  Last night, we filled the bath for him, and let him swim because he is an aquatic turtle.

He swam so much I'm surprised his little flipper feet didn't fall off! After playing for 45 minutes I was ready for bed so he had to go to bed as well, which I don't think he liked to much. I've never had a turtle before, but I think this is the perfect pet. How could he not be, he's so tiny and cute!

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