Monday, May 2, 2011

Project #2 -In Progress

I moved all the pots and pans out of the cabinet and put my make-shift recycling bins in their place. The plan is to have actual bins to sort everything into, but these paper bags are what I have for now so they will do.  The more I look at it the more I think that I need to find a better spot. For starters I'm going to end up with my pots, pans, cutting board, colander, and bake-ware scattered around in random places all over the kitchen now, and that isn't good. Second, there really isn't an easy way to set it up in this cabinet and still make all the bins easily identifiable. 

I think I might be able to set up bins in the top shelf of the laundry room instead. This would allow all the bins to be easily seen once the labels are adhered, they would still be out of site, and I would continue to have a place for all my cookware!  The only downside is that I'll need a step stool in order to reach the bins every time i want to sort something. Decisions. Decisions.

On the bright side, I did finish the labels. All I have to do is have them laminated so they will last.  Plus, they match the pantry labels because of the bird! So everything is nice and matchy-matchy, just how I like it!

As for the other project, the pantry jars: I hit a snag with covering the lids so I'm in search for the perfect ribbon to fix it. I am also trying to get the goo from the original labels off the jar. I will let them soak more tomorrow and then use lots of elbow grease to clean them up nicely.

P.S. I never did get around to writing/posting a "Flashback Friday" so maybe I'll get to it next week, who knows.


  1. Try Goo-gone to.clean the jars.

  2. Trina...use Goo Gone to get labels off...