Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kitchen Projects

Project #1
Turn these boring pickle jars into beautiful pantry containers.  I have to pick up a couple things, like more Mod Podge and grey ribbon, but this should be a pretty simple project except cleaning the jars. Any suggestions for getting the adhesive from the labels off the jars?

Project #2
Find a different place for these pots, pans, etc., and make this cabinet a recycling bin area. I've decided I can use the drawer under the stove for the skillets and lids, but I'm not quite sure about my bake-ware. I'll try to get everything arranged tomorrow because it will probably be easier to do it while Josh is at work.

P.S. I do have a complete set of pots and pans, it just happens some of them were dirty when I took the picture so the cabinets looks a little empty.


  1. You might be able to get the labels off with Goo-gone. I have a huge bottle of it...let me know if you would like to try some.

  2. Sometimes heating labels with a hairdryer will heat the glue up enough to peel it off cleanly.. good luck