Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Market 2011 - Moda Dinner

Every Market Moda hosts a dinner party for their customers. This year was my second time to go, and my first time to stay the whole time. 

I was going to make a long post about the courses served and everything, but I decided to delete that stuff and summarize.  The salad is a salad, what else can you say.  The main course was fantastic.

The dessert is always out of this world amazing. (Raspberry custard - oh I'm definitely going to look for a recipe soon!)

The company is usually always wonderful! Last year the company was kind of boring plus there were other things going on in Minneapolis so we ditched early.

The bar is available until they close the event around 9:30 - 10:00pm. 

I stayed with my new friends the complete time! In fact the DJ finally said enough was enough and basically made us leave at 11:00pm!  (Hey girls I hope you are reading this! If so send me an email suchislife (at) gmail (dot) com ! Thanks!)  We had a load of fun, maybe to much so!

The next morning was a bit rough, but a bit of chap-stick, aspirin, and water, and I was good to go!

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