Monday, June 20, 2011

New Craft Fair Updates

There has been one major change to the craft fair. After speaking with the city administrator dealing with the parks we decided that it would be in the best interest for everyone involved for this event to start out being only one day. He also helped me adjusted the booth pricing to compensate for it being a one day event instead of two, as well as it being new so that the pricing is fair for everyone. Please be sure to read the following to learn all the details. If you have any questions not covered here please email me.

(For the record, I'm still trying to decide on an official name so in the mean time it will be known as "the craft fair" since this is the only one I'm working on. *smiles*)

The Craft fair will be Saturday, October 22. It will be open to the public from 8:00am - 6:00pm.

So without further ado the Craft Fair FAQ.

Who is eligible for a booth during the craft fair?
All types of hand crafts, craft related items and craft supplies are acceptable as long as they are made by the vendor. There will also be limited room for a few booths who specialize in vintage items. You may use as a basic idea of what is and isn't allowed. No vendors of mass manufactured items will be allowed, including reps for Avon, Scentsy, and other home businesses.

How will booths be decided?
Since this is the first year we will work on a "all are welcome" sort of system. To help avoid over saturation of the market area there will be a limit to the number of booths in any particular category i.e. baby items jewely. (Vendors may have items for "destashing" in their booth, but this is not to be a focal point nor a majority of your items for sale.)

What types of booth spaces are available?
All booth spaces will be 10' x 10'. There are two different areas for booth placement.
The Pavilion booths are covered. These booths will be $45 before July 31st, and $65 after.
The Plaza booths are not covered, but you are welcome to bring a canopy covering as long as it fits within your allotted space. These booths are $35 before July 31st, and $55 after.

I need electric in my booth. How do I get this?
Electric spaces are available at no additional cost. On the application be sure to specify that you need electric. I will do my best to accommodate everyone because there seems to be plenty available. (If I do run out of electrical spaces I will announce it.) Be prepared to supply your own outdoor-grade electrical cords and the means of securing them so they are not fire or tripping hazards.

When will set-up and tear-down be?
Set-up will begin Saturday morning at 6:00am, and displays should be complete by 7:30am. There will be a 30-minute "finish-up" time before the fair opens at 8am, and during this time there will be a light inspection of all booths to make sure your items match the description in your application and that your area is generally clean/safe. If you need longer than 1 1/2-2 hours to set-up please put that in the comment section of your application.
Tear-down will begin at 6:00pm. Any vendor breaking down before 6:00pm could possibly be denied an application for the next year. (If you have a reason for breaking down early let me know before hand so we can discuss it.)
Your booth must be manned at all times during the show. If you are working by yourself you may ask a vendor near you to watch your booth while you step away for a moment (like a restroom break), but you can't stay away for an extended time. There may be extra volunteers available to assist you if need, but please try to be prepared, i.e. pack a lunch.

What if it rains?
Unfortunately I do not control the weather. If it rains during the show I cannot assume responsibility for any damaged items. I will also not be able to grant refunds for booth space. The same goes for any items stolen or damaged by other means during the show. There is insurance available in case things like this occur. You can call around to get a policy to protect your business if you are interested.

My application has been approved, but I won't be able to vend after all. Can I have a refund?
Any cancellations made before July 31st will receive half the cost of the booth space. Any cancellations on or after August 1st will only receive a refund of half the cost of the booth space if the current vendor can find someone not already involved in the fair to take their place. (This new person must submit an application and payment for booth space.) No refunds will be given on or after October 1st.

If you are interested in vending please email Trina via
I will send you a copy of the application that you can either email back or mail to me.

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