Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random defined....

Nothing major other than the Etsy Craft Party has happened this week so I'm going to tell about all the minor things in one post first. The Etsy Craft Party and Craft Fair will get their own post either later tonight or tomorrow evening.

Random Event #1

I decided that it is time for a new machine within the next year. My machine works well enough for now, but I've definitely "out grown" its abilities, and it is starting to seize up more frequently. The seizing could probably be fixed with a servicing, but I'm pretty good about keeping my machine clean most of the time, besides the machine just doesn't feed as smoothly or quickly as one a few steps above it.

Random Event #2

I learned how to match seams so I could piece the backing for my "Tula Pink Quilt". I sent this backing and all the other pieces to the quilter on Saturday. I should get it back in the next 2 months, just in time to get the binding on, have it photographed, and then submitted to the fair for competition.

Random Event #3

I've finally used the mini food processor that Lindi, Josh's mom, gave us when we moved in the apartment. Now that I've used it once I completely love it. My favorite thing to put in it right now would have to be croutons because I've been using them in a new "recipe" that is yummy...basically it is just home-made shake-n-bake. Either way, that thing is awesome.

Random Event #4

I went to the dentist and found out that I will have to have my wisdom teeth cut out. I also found out that they are not the cause of my bottom teeth shifting like my previous dentist had told me they would be, however, they need to come out because the one on the right is laying on its side. (I know, its crazy!) After I get them taken care of then I will get an appliance to wear to keep the bottom teeth straight because night grinding and clinching during the day is making them shift.

Anyway, I know this is pretty boring stuff, but I think x-rays are pretty awesome. Really, the technology is amazing. It took less than a minute to take the x-ray, then with in minutes it was up on the computer monitor, and now everyone who reads this will know what my teeth look like! (Technology is mostly wasted on useless things like this blog post, but I still have an appreciation for the possibilities. The idea of a fax amazes me too -seriously it is light traveling through a tube that ends up being printed, and 120 years ago we barely had motor cars!)

Random Event #5

I tried Veet, the waterless shave stuff. It didn't work as well as the bottle let on it would, but I think I know how to make it work better next time. The problem is that parts of my legs are smooth and parts aren't so I have to wait until it is all long enough for the stuff. Thankfully I wear pants most of the time. Here is the embarrassing part.... I decided while I was being so girly with my waterless shave that I would try the facial waxing strips. Really I didn't need to use these, but I figured if I had them it couldn't hurt that bad right? Wrong! It hurts so much worse than an eyebrow waxing, it didn't work, and now I actually notice the little hairs! Those things are just mean! Even if you get them for free do not use them - I'm afraid the trauma will be permanent.

Random Event #6

I attended the Downtown Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday to listen to the discussion about changing the street-scape of the Main Street. Most of the ideas are horrible, however I think adding bike racks, different lighting, and landscaping could be awesome, other than that the ideas were pretty bad. On the bright side, I'm going to apply to be a member of the Activity Advisory Group for the downtown area. I'm hoping that this will help my plans for the craft fair and other handicraft oriented ideas will come easier in the future.

So there it is the boring random details from my week. Hopefully this next week will be more interesting has the plans for the craft fair solidify. I will keep you posted.

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  1. I don't think it is boring, very interesting. Good job. RO n BA