Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stitch, stitch here.

This is what I started with this evening after I made dinner (and blogged about it).

After cutting and sewing for at least four hours this is what I have to show for it.

I tried it on before putting the sleeves on and I decided I like it without sleeves better.  Besides that, it is a little difficult to put over my head already without the extra hassle of sleeves.

I'm going to take my dress form, shirt, and all into work with me tomorrow to have Chris double check my progress and see if there is a better way to do sleeves.  This shirt isn't perfect, but as a first try I think it is acceptable.

Technical Info
Machine: Bernette 55 (used straight and zig-zag stitches)
Pattern: Simplicity It's So Easy #2322 (I simple pattern I picked up at Joanns.)
Thread: Aurifil Mako 28 #2024 (This wasn't the "proper" weight of thread, but it was the only white Aurifil thread I have right now so I used it because it is the best. It looks like I'll be putting in a thread order at Pine Needles in Minnesota later in June. First I'm holding out hope that I'll be able to buy a few sets while at Market, but I'm not sure what they will have available there this year.)
Fabric: Denyse Schmidt's new line made exclusive for Joanns.

P.S. This is my second time using my dress form for a real project. It is nice to know that it has this small chance to actually fulfill its purpose. *smiles*

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