Saturday, April 23, 2011

Solid Investment

I finished the main part of the solid sample for the shop last night.  Today I will go in and play with fabrics to choose a border.  I really think I should put a border on it is definitely a crib size (toddler) quilt, but I think I'll have trouble finding something that doesn't take away from the feel this quilt has.

One of my friends asked how I would quilt it, and I'm thinking about embroidering each square with an animal or something boy/baby related in the same color thread as the square. This is a bit ambitious, but if I do the backing in the same bone color as the sashing then the back will look just as amazing as the front when it is finished.

While I was digging through my stash last night I found a pretty big piece of the Lush paintbox fabric (on the right).  This looks so cute with the quilt that it is official, I really can't cut into this fabric.  It is going into my "hope chest" until I figure out what to make with it to match the solid quilt. (I really hope that, when the time comes, I have a boy first so that these quilts/fabrics don't go to waste.)

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  1. I would suggest your favorite color of the quilt, I would probably pick the most red of the colors or blue but to make it visually balance, perhaps one of the ones closest to the middle. That would bring the color from the middle to the edge and make it look connected. :0) Rita